Brain Affect|Cognition|Psychopathology|fMRI|EEG


My name is Jian Zhu (or Jerry, for easy pronunciation). I am currently a postdoctoral research fellowship at Lieber Institute for Brain Development / Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, studying the effects of childhood environment (rural vs. urban) and its interaction with gene on working memory network related to schizophrenia.

I am interested in the study of psychophysiological (with fMRI & EEG), genetic (e.g., Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, SNPs) and environmental (e.g., outdoor activities) measures/biomarkers in the detection, progression and intervention of (affective) disorders (e.g., depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder), as well as memory/habit (change) in affective disorders, the interactions between memory and emotion, stress, and attention.

In terms of statistical/technical curiosity, I am interested in the application of machine learning and complex network theory to behavioral and brain imaging data analysis (e.g., Canonical Correlation, Multi-Voxel Pattern Analysis, Network Analysis).